Vision and Mission
Rebuild, formerly KLRT, is a registered charity founded in 2007 to support patients of King’s College Hospital’s Limb Reconstruction Unit. Among its trustees are specialist surgeons and nurses, professionals and former patients.

It was set up to;

plug the gaps in the NHS provision for King’s College Hospital (KCH) patients undergoing limb reconstruction treatment

support them medically, physically and socially

increase awareness about disability and to change attitudes towards it.

We may be the only charity that caters for the specialist needs of limb reconstruction patients.

Typically we provide vital treatment to patients undergoing limb reconstruction as a result of high trauma, such as men and women injured in service, suffering sports injuries or a road traffic accidents, as well as patients with congenital limb deformities. These injuries have life changing consequences, with a high psychological element, for the patients and their families.

A number of major achievements have been secured through our fundraising efforts and the dedication of our trustees and supporters, including:

Funding the appointment of a specialist limb reconstruction physiotherapist to the unit

Funding a psychological support service for the unit’s patients

Providing additional specialist nursing

Developing and maintaining this information website

These are all programmes that help speed the recovery and rehabilitation of patients.

This website has information for anyone considering, or going through, limb reconstruction surgery. However we cannot provide opinions or treatment. If you require more information but are not a patient of King’s College Hospital, you should contact your own medical team for advice.

Our successes
Since the charity was established in 2007, our fundraising activities and the generous donations from our supporters have greatly assisted the recovery of many patients of KCH’s Limb Reconstruction Unit.
patients assisted
hours of
psychological support
£ donated to date
In 2017, we aim to provide even greater support to KCH limb reconstruction patients, including access to orthotic footwear and a moderated online community network. Our ambition is to extend support to patients from the Major Trauma Centre (MTC) at KCH.